With the magnificence of colour and symbol, this icon powerfully tells Nano’s story in a way that words simply cannot. 

The artist, Desmond Kyne, has chosen a youthful image of Nano Nagle to occupy the centre panel. Nano stands in calm majesty, suggesting both patience and endurance. The Sacred Heart is at the centre of the icon.

At Nano's feet is a group of children. Buildings symbolise the city of Cork, with the Southgate Bridge on the left and the Northgate Bridge on the right. These areas were the centre of Nano Nagle's ministry to children.

The side panels elaborate some events and symbols of Nano Nagle's life, including:

  • Spiral motif, the Celtic symbol of eternity and of God, the Father
  • The tabernacle, recalling Nano’s devotion to the Eucharist
  • A tiny window illuminating a cramped room, suggesting the poverty-stricken conditions of the cabin schools
  • Nano holding a book, symbol of literacy and learning, which she so highly prized
  • The four founding sisters, standing near a well of living water
  • The gallows, a reminder of the conditions under which the Irish-Catholic people lived during the days of the Penal Laws
  • Nano caring for the sick...she personally knew every garret and tenement in the city

Nano with her lantern, a symbol of her joyful spirit and devotion to the poor, to whom she brought God's love.


Nano (Honora) Nagle, Founder of the Presentation Sisters, also known as the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PBVM)

Nano Nagle was born in 1728, in Ballygriffin, Cork, Ireland. At the time, Catholic education was forbidden, so Nano’s parents arranged for her to leave Ireland to be educated in France.

Nano lived a privileged life, but it was here that she first became aware that many people lived in poverty.

Nano believed that education was the key to alleviating poverty. She knew that without it society could not change. On her return to Cork, Nano began to open small schools, and in 1775, she founded the Congregation of the Presentation Sisters.

The Sisters

The Presentation Story in Australia began in 1873, with the establishment of Presentation Convent Windsor.

Father Corbett, Parish Priest at St Mary’s East St Kilda, acted quickly, writing to the Presentation Convent in Ireland asking for help. It came willingly, with seven Sisters arriving in Melbourne after a three-month journey by ship. Mother Mary Paul Mulquin led her six Presentation Sisters, determined to provide Catholic education to young people.

Their work was steeped in the tradition of Nano Nagle, providing a holistic education, with great emphasis placed on Social Justice, together with the well-being of the individual and the nurturing of community. This collaboration with parents, students and teachers in a lively educational environment, continues to this day.


Father Corbett and the Windsor Community, 1876

The four Houses were formed in 1940 by Principal, Mother Bertrand Rahilly. Mother Bertrand was a modern woman of her time, keen in the Presentation tradition, to ensure that girls were given every opportunity as boys. She believed in the health benefits of sport and encouraged students to become more active. Mother Bertrand would have been gratified by the tone set at Presentation College Windsor by devoted staff to ensure that excellence is strived for and achieved across all areas of school life.

Today, the House System is inextricably linked to Student Wellbeing—and creates some healthy competitive spirit along the way. As well as a Homeroom, every student is placed into a House, helping to consolidate relationships and further strengthen the sense of belonging, as well as creating opportunities to establish new friendships. In nurturing and caring for their students, committed Heads of House, in conjunction with dedicated Homeroom teachers, create another safety net to ensure Student Wellbeing.

Girls still compete within their respective Houses in various events, including cultural and sporting events. Music Festival engenders rigorous competition, as do the Athletics Carnival and Swimming Sports. Mother Bertrand assigned colours, and named each House after remarkable people who made significant religious and social contributions throughout their lives.


Kostka—after Stanislaus Kostka, renowned Jesuit,
who died young and came to symbolise youth

Loyola—after St Ignatius Loyola, founder of
the Jesuits

Nagle—after Nano (Honora) Nagle
Founder of the Presentation Sisters

Xavier—after St Francis Xavier,Jesuit missionary and
patron Saint of Australia



The Chapel was built in 1917 by the ‘buy a stone method’ of voluntary donations. It was built in the traditional Gothic Style.

The interior of the Chapel reflects the traditional devotional life of the Church. Today this quiet, prayerful place at the entrance of our College is a reminder of our need for the Sacred and Holy in our lives.

A recent addition to the Sanctuary has been the table on which the newly-commissioned Aboriginal Message Stick now rests, together with a special Candle and the framed Commissioning Ceremony Service.

The Chapel is a place for special gatherings as well as quiet prayer. The Eucharist is celebrated here, as are Music Recitals and Year Level gatherings.


“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” (John Keats, Endymion, 1818)

Past Students and the Presentation Community are welcome to book our beautiful and historic Chapel for special occasions. Its ageless charm and elegance make it a perfect venue for Weddings.

For bookings, please contact the College Wedding Coordinator, Ms Josie Dilettoso on 03 85172732 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Josie will provide all details and assist you in planning your special day.


The Leadership Team initiates and fosters those key values which are fundamental to all interactions at Presentation College Windsor. Their direction ensures that our students remain happy and connected; that expert and committed teachers are entrusted with the care and education of our girls, presenting a dynamic and diverse curriculum; and that community links and partnerships are nurtured in order to create opportunities for capable, 21st century global citizens.



Leadership Team: Principal, Filina Virgato;  Business Manager, Stephen O'Shea Director of Pedagogy & Innovation, Nathan Lane,

 Director of Faith & Mission, Josie Dilettoso; Deputy Principal Students, Antonella Rosati; Principal’s Assistant, Trish Chester; Director of Student Wellbeing, Jessica Alger

Presentation College Windsor is a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Corporations Act. The College is owned and governed by Presentation Sisters Victoria, with the Congregational Leadership Team the Members of the Company. Governance is devolved to the Board of Directors and Management to the Leadership Team of the College.

Annual Reports

The College Board of Directors

Ms Michaela Moloney (Chair)
Ms Regina Crameri (Deputy Chair)
Sr Joan Marshall PBVM (Congregational Representative)
Mr David Alcock  
Ms Lisa Deramond  
Ms Amanda Francis  
Ms Victoria Myers  
Mr Bert Quan  

Other members of the Board

Ms Filina Virgato (CEO)
Mr Stephen O'Shea (Company Secretary)
Ms Trish Chester (Board Secretary)