Lilith Rowles —Dux of Presentation College Windsor 2016

The College takes great pleasure in announcing Lilith Rowles as 2016 Dux of Presentation College Windsor. Lilith achieved outstanding results in her VCE studies this year with an ATAR of 98.85.

Lilith has achieved outstanding results as follows:

Chemistry 38
English 44 
French 33
Further Matematics 48
Global Politics 34


The College Community congratulates Lilith on her remarkable achievements and wishes her well as she embarks on a new life adventure. Lilith has commenced work on her double degree in Science and Global Studies at Monash University and is already finding it rewarding.

The breadth of Lilith’s studies is notable as has been her involvement in many aspects of the life of the College throughout her six years here. She has contributed energetically to the Social Justice pursuits of PCW and is known for her passion for languages. Lilith is a wonderful young Presentation woman and we are very proud of her.

Filina Virgato


Such is the popularity of the Music Festival that it is held at Hamer Hall at the Arts Centre. Students enjoy the experience immensely and the quality of the lighting and acoustics is world class.

An annual event, Presentation College Windsor Music Festival is a highlight of our school year. Students from Years 7 to 12 take part in a range of musical performances including dance/variety, choir and instrumental. Our senior Music Captains work with the College  staff to train the girls and develop their performance to a professional standard.




In many respects, the Music Festival is a perfect introduction to all the elements of live performance. Whether involved in choreography, make up, set design, costume or musical arrangement, Presentation College Windsor girls are given the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills in both music and theatre.

The Music Festival is open to all students and is a great opportunity to participate whether it is on stage or behind the scenes. The students and their families all enjoy the fun, energy and camaraderie.

The Writer in Residence program welcomes many outstanding and well known authors through our gates. In 2017, we hosted Australian authors, Alice Pung and Cath Crowley. 

Writers spend time with our students engaging in practical workshops. For students this is a special experience and gives them the opportunity to explore new avenues of literature, allowing them to expand their creative horizons in their own writing. Through this stimulating and inspiring experience, students are encouraged to enjoy writing, to gain confidence, to take risks, and have fun experimenting.


Student writing from the workshop

The shimmering lights shine above. Not lit by lanterns, nor matches, but stars. Shining so strongly that, when combined with the moon, spreads a soft white light across the solemn dirty ground. The far-away wonders beaming down hope to us in the trenches. Us… dirty, flea-ridden, scared for our lives, as we wait in agony for a gunshot, that will evolve into two, that will start the whole fight up again. All of us thought this had stopped, that the world had reached an eternal peace after the First World War. But we were wrong. Now, as we sleep uncomfortably on the hard, packed dirt, our dreams are filled with images of our wives, mothers, sons, daughters, praying for us back in America. Eleanor Rowland, Year 


Student Reflections

“We learnt so many techniques to to get our ideas flowing, and strategies to improve our writing. All who participated in the workshop are so grateful for being given the opportunity to spend the day learning from Alice.”

Isabella Penzi, Year 12 

“Cath took us through some writing exercises, which we will definitely use to make our writing more interesting. She was great to speak with and genuinely interested in our ideas.

Cath is a fantastic author and we learned so much from her visit.”

Taliah Mullane, Year 9

‘’It was a really great learning experience and I feel that both my reading and writing have been significantly improved.”

Ella Brinksma, Year 9


Arts Week showcases the work of the College’s talented Arts students, who produce work in both two and three dimensional forms. Paintings, drawings, print making, ceramics, photography, graphic design and textile works display the excellent standards of design, creativity and craftsmanship.

Presentation College Windsor is proud of its tradition as a school of excellence in the Arts. In recent years students have won formal recognition for their VCE work, which has been displayed in the Top Arts and Top Designs exhibition.


Arts Week 2018 will commence on Tuesday 18th September and will continue the tradition of showcasing outstanding student work. For art lovers, students and those keen to see the work of the students, Arts week has established itself as an event not to be missed.



The 2015 PCW Melbourne Annual Report is now available.
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Congratulations to Loyola as overall winner of the 2016 Music Festival. Each year, our Houses compete for the prestigious Music Festival Trophy. Led and directed by our College Music Captains, students compete in their Houses in three categories: Choir, Variety and Instrumental.
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The College takes great pleasure in announcing Matilda Boseley as 2015 Dux of PCW Melbourne. Matilda achieved outstanding results in her VCE studies this year with an ATAR of 97
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