Lilith Rowles —Dux of Presentation College Windsor 2016

The College takes great pleasure in announcing Lilith Rowles as 2016 Dux of Presentation College Windsor. Lilith achieved outstanding results in her VCE studies this year with an ATAR of 98.85.

Lilith has achieved outstanding results as follows:

Chemistry 38
English 44 
French 33
Further Matematics 48
Global Politics 34


The College Community congratulates Lilith on her remarkable achievements and wishes her well as she embarks on a new life adventure. Lilith has commenced work on her double degree in Science and Global Studies at Monash University and is already finding it rewarding.

The breadth of Lilith’s studies is notable as has been her involvement in many aspects of the life of the College throughout her six years here. She has contributed energetically to the Social Justice pursuits of PCW and is known for her passion for languages. Lilith is a wonderful young Presentation woman and we are very proud of her.

Filina Virgato