Presentation College Windsor has extended Learning beyond our four walls into the Local Community through our collaborative Bright Sparks Program.

The Bright Sparks Program, led by  Presentation College Windsor Student Mentors, offers highly able local upper Primary Students the opportunity to participate in three distinct programs.

Run over two–three weeks throughout the term, the programs offered are:

Term 2:  Bright Sparks: Seven Sisters

Term 3:  Bright Sparks: STEM

Term 4: Bright Sparks: Mini Inter-school Olympics


Presentation College Windsor Bright Sparks Programs

With many positive benefits, Bright Sparks fosters the connection to local Primary Schools and helps with the Transition from Primary to Secondary school. It is a treasured experience for all involved. The  Presentation College Windsor Students gain valuable leadership experience solving real-world problems, and the Primary School Students gain from the experience of working with older students.