All past pupils from Presentation College Windsor are Alumnae (ordinary members) and will be invited to reunions, receive publications and be invited to stay connected with the College.

As past pupils we would encourage you to support the Presentation College Windsor Alumnae Office by becoming Life Members. It is a once only fee of $100. An Alumnae Life Member is a financial member. We value this financial support and your commitment to the Alumnae and this new initiative. A large number of past pupils have previously paid their Life Membership to the PPA and this is being rolled over and recognised as Life Membership to the new PCW Alumnae. All Life Members will receive a Presentation College Windsor Alumnae Key Ring in recognition this support.

Please become a Presentation College Windsor Alumnae Life Member today!

How do I to make my $100 payment? Complete the attached Life Membership application form and post to:

Presentation College Windsor Women of Windsor Alumnae Office
187 Dandenong Road
Windsor, VIC 3181

Presentation College Windsor has forged strong community links. Renowned for its welcoming and supportive ethos, the College recognises that the education of our globally-connected young people must be based within, and linked to, community.

Schooling in the 21st century is a complex business. We understand that contemporary education extends well beyond the conventional bounds of the classroom and school day.

In this knowledge, we have established and consolidated a number of key strategic partnerships with Education, Business, Government and Welfare organisations. This allows us to expand the opportunities available to our students, and gives us access to a wide range of professional and physical resources which would otherwise be beyond our reach.

Partnerships and links to our local and wider community enable our students to engage confidently with their learning, and contribute positively to our society.














Students are best cared for when there is a strong collaboration between School and Home. The Presentation College Windsor Parent Association works hard to encourage parents to become involved in their daughters’ school lives and the life of the College Community. Parents are invited to be part of the Association, come along to monthly meetings and be involved in activities. Meetings are advertised in The Lantern, the College E-Newsletter, and dates are also available on the School Calendar.

The Parent Association (PA) meets once a month. The Principal and other members of the Leadership Team, as well as Heads of Faculty will regularly address these meetings. This unique interaction of Parents with Leadership and Staff is a great opportunity to hear about developments at the College, and enables Parents to provide timely and direct feedback.

These meetings also enable the PA to plan and coordinate Fundraisers to support the College Community, and organise social activities which encourage interaction and friendship. Some of these events include the Year 7 First Day Welcome Morning Tea, the Art Show extravaganza, the Year 12 Breakfast and Christmas Carols.

Each year a Committee is elected. It is made up of the roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Year Level Representatives. These people liaise closely with the Principal’s Personal Assistant in organising Community Activities.

Our PA Year Level Representatives are a key link between School and Parents. They advise parents from their Year Level of upcoming events, along with any additional Year Level Activities such as Coffee Mornings, as they arise. These events provide excellent opportunities to get together and make connections with other parents from your Daughter’s Year Level.

2018 Meetings and Event dates To Be Advised

Dates Archives

The Presentation College Windsor Alumnae Office was founded in 2011. The Alumnae Office has now changed its name to Women of Windsor (WoW). It is managed by Trish Chester who works closely with Volunteers from the Past Pupils Committee. Our aim is to increase our Alumnae base and create a greater sense of connectedness amongst the Women of Windsor—to each other and to the College. To this end, some of our work includes the organisation of Reunions, publication of Alumnae Newsletters and maintenance of the Women of Windsor Database.


Reunion Dates: 2017 


Presentation College Windsor Memorabilia


To purchase Presentation College Windsor memorabilia, such as the beautiful heirloom Presentation College Windsor Archive Photo Book, (which looks at the 140 year history of the school) download the Memorabilia Order Form. Profits from these sales go towards Education Scholarships.

Presentation College Windsor Women of Windsor Alumnae Life Membership

Women of Windsor (Alumnae) are Ordinary Members, and will be invited to Reunions, receive Publications and be invited to stay connected with the College.

As Women of Windsor, we would encourage you to support the Presentation College Windsor Alumnae Office by becoming Life Members. It is a once only fee of $100. For details and Application Form, please visit our Presentation College Windsor.

In order to receive News, Publications and Reunion Invitations, please ensure that we have your current contact details.


Contact Trish Chester from the Presentation College Windsor Alumnae Office on 03 8517 2704 or by

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Women of Windsor Alumnae Committee

The ‘people connections’ are a vital part of Past Pupils Committee work. The ongoing work by the voluntary PPA Committee in making and maintaining connections with Past Pupils and supporting Year Level Reunions in conjunction with the Alumnae Office, is essential.

Women of Windsor Alumnae Committee