Music Festival at PCW Melbourne is ingrained into the tradition of the College. Each year our Houses compete for the prestige of the Music Festival Trophy. Led and directed by our College Music Captains, students compete in their Houses in three categories: Choir, Variety and Instrumental. Our 2016 Music Festival was held at Hamer Hall on Tuesday March 1st. 


Music Festival: Winners for 2016

Overall Winner: Loyola
Choir: Loyola
Instrumental: Nagle
Variety: Xavier
Costumes: Kostka
Media: Nagle
Conductor: Kaija Melkis (Nagle)
Most Organised House: Xavier
Principal's Award: Bessie Joseph & Katerina Georgopoulos

Captain’s Speech 

Tonight you have witnessed the pure definiiton of team work, of family. Here at PCW Melbourne young women are educated far beyond the walls of the classrooms. It is in events like Music Festival where the girls feel supported by one another that they can then reach outside of their comfort zones; as it is only outside of this ‘comfort zone’ where they can reach their full potential together as a team. 

After seeing tonight’s show it will probably be very hard for you as an audience to understand just how every single PCW Melbourne student can sing and dance, as not every girl is a singer or a dancer. But more importantly than that, how is it that every girl has the confidence to perform on such a prestigious stage like Hamer Hall and to do so in front of so many people? It is because we are one big family, we support each other, we care for each other, and we love each other.  

I truly believe that our school is unlike any other. There are no social expectations of who you can or can’t be. This is why our girls flourish in an event like Music Festival because we aren't afraid to express ourselves and that’s what Music is to me. 

Music festival is the collaboration of creative minds, strong visions and hard work. Tonight you have all bared witness to the final presentation but it is prior to this where true leadership lies.

It is not just the Music Captains who work day in and day out on producing the best show they can and providing their House with a joyous experience, but it is also the girls within that team that take the extra step to ensure that their performance is unlike any other as we are all leaders together.

From slaving over costumes, to preparing the multimedia, learning to conduct or even simply lending a helping hand, every single girl steps up to the plate. Music Festival is not a compulsory event, yet almost every single girl participates and plays an active role in making the show possible.

Though tonight’s performances were created by the students these creative visions would not have been made possible without the support and guidance from Teachers, Parents and the Hamer Hall staff.

I would first of all like to thank our new Principal Ms Filina Virgato for supporting this long held tradition and the Music Captains, our Deputy Principal Students, Ms Rosati, and our Deputy Principal Staff, Ms McGurn for their ongoing support and for helping the Captains to remain faithful in themselves and within their creative visions. Special thanks to the Head of Performing Arts Mr Williamson - thank you for supporting the Captains and helping them to achieve the dreams they have held in their hearts since they were little Year 7s, and for your words of wisdom and professional advice that lifted all of our performances. Thanks to the Heads of House who have constantly supported their Music Captains and guided them through some minor mental break downs.

Thank you also to the outstanding teachers and staff, including the backstage crew Mr Williamson, Mr Godbold and Mr Denny, AV director Mr Godyn, back stage Director Ms Lane and vocal coach Ms Katrina Waters, and of course our amazing MCs for the night Ms Galli and Mr Wall.

It goes without saying that tonight’s choir performances would not have sounded as incredible if it wasn’t for the always fabulous accompaniment of Ms Sara Calia and Ms Renata Ishakbaev. To the Hamer Hall staff, I cannot express to you how truly grateful we all are to be able to present our musical visions in such an amazing space like this, it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

I would like to make a special mention to all of the parents here tonight that supported their daughters throughout this experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing the sparkle of joy and confidence your daughters have in their eyes when they perform and because of this providing them with the extra support they need to make tonight possible.

And finally to the Year 12s.... over the years I know you have all inspired me so much throughout your efforts in Music Festival; through this you have taught me about the true meaning of friendship. I think we can all agree that as this is our last one that we will forever remember what it feels like to participate in the magic that is Music Festival.

Music Festival isn't just some normal high school event; it is a celebration of the unity we share and the magic that happens when we allow ourselves to step outside our comfort zones and achieve something truly awe inspiring together.

Thank you.

Bianca Coppa
School Music Captain
Loyola Music Captain