The Leadership Team initiates and fosters those key values which are fundamental to all interactions at Presentation College Windsor. Their direction ensures that our students remain happy and connected; that expert and committed teachers are entrusted with the care and education of our girls, presenting a dynamic and diverse curriculum; and that community links and partnerships are nurtured in order to create opportunities for capable, 21st century global citizens.



Leadership Team: Principal, Filina Virgato;  Business Manager, Stephen O'Shea Director of Pedagogy & Innovation, Nathan Lane,

 Director of Faith & Mission, Josie Dilettoso; Deputy Principal Students, Antonella Rosati; Principal’s Assistant, Trish Chester; Director of Student Wellbeing, Jessica Alger

Presentation College Windsor is a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Corporations Act. The College is owned and governed by Presentation Sisters Victoria, with the Congregational Leadership Team the Members of the Company. Governance is devolved to the Board of Directors and Management to the Leadership Team of the College.

Annual Reports

The College Board of Directors

Ms Michaela Moloney (Chair)
Ms Regina Crameri (Deputy Chair)
Sr Joan Marshall PBVM (Congregational Representative)
Mr David Alcock  
Ms Lisa Deramond  
Ms Amanda Francis  
Ms Victoria Myers  
Mr Bert Quan  

Other members of the Board

Ms Filina Virgato (CEO)
Mr Stephen O'Shea (Company Secretary)
Ms Trish Chester (Board Secretary)