Living in a multi-cultural society confirms the value of learning an additional language. This learning helps to widen our understanding of the world and develop the general life skills of communication, reasoning and adaptability. Our experienced, highly skilled Language Teachers enthusiastically promote this value.

From Year 7 to VCE, we proudly offer French, Italian and Japanese. We believe it is essential to provide a welcoming, positive classroom environment in which we encourage students to embrace the fun and challenge of learning and engaging in another language.

In Years 7 to 9, diligent staff establish a familiarity with the basic structure of the language and strive to build student confidence. These skills are showcased at the Year 8 Language Festival where multi-lingualism is celebrated in many forms—song, poetry, role-play and film. In Year 10 and VCE, we work towards a deeper understanding of grammatical structures and developing comprehension skills.

The classroom experience of language and culture is enriched by participation in Language Competitions, Excursions, and International Study Tours. These valuable opportunities challenge students academically, fostering a strong cultural understanding and engagement with the language. Students at each level also have the opportunity to interact with native speakers including Language Assistants, Exchange and International Students. Stimulating reciprocal visits with high schools in Italy and Japan enable our students to develop their language skills and forge lasting global connections.