At Presentation College Windsor we are committed to six years of Secondary Education.
Through the provision of multiplepathways, flexible programs and a wide-ranging Contemporary Curriculum, we offer students the opportunity to achieve excellence in a challenging and engaging learning environment.

Learning at Presentation College Windsor is designed to encourage our students to be active and engaged learners, inspiring confidence and academic-risk taking in their pursuit of individual excellence. Learning at Presentation College Windsor is underpinned by quality teaching.

Middle Years

IB Statement for Candidate School MYP

Mini Masters Handbook

Year 9 Handbook

Senior Years

Presentation College Windsor offers students accessible Pathways to University, Training and Further Education or Employment.

We offer a wide range of Pathways through:

Presentation College Windsor offers more than 35 VCE Studies over a wide range of Learning Areas. Being informed is an important factor in ensuring confidence when selecting the best pathway for you or your daughter.

Senior Pathways

Careers Wiki

Senior Handbooks