In the proud Presentation Tradition, a commitment to the wonder and joy of Learning flourishes in our International Travel Program. Travel and the experience of different cultures help us to grow in understanding, empathy, tolerance and wisdom, and lead to positive and active membership in our Communities. Several biennial International Trips are therefore embedded into our Contemporary Curriculum.

Intertwined with Learning, a powerful commitment to Social Justice thrives at Presentation College Windsor. Our Students are Globally-connected citizens of the World Community. It is through opening our eyes and reaching out to others—different, disadvantaged, privileged—that we learn, develop and grow. Our Social Justice Programs also include two biennial trips to India and Vietnam.


The aim of the Singapore academic tour is threefold. Firstly, it is an investigation and learning experience for our students to engage in problem-based learning at RP. We hope the students will be able to bring back what they have observed and apply it to their own learning here at PCW. Participating students will also receive VCE accreditation for a unit 1 or 2 subject through an oral presentation, written report and group project file that they will present, during the tour and upon its completion. Secondly, we hope to develop closer ties with CHIJ as a potential ‘sister-school’ in Singapore. Thirdly, to provide our students with the opportunity to share in the culture, entertainment and sights of Singapore, through various tourism activities."

Singapore Academic Tour
Singaporean Student Tour Video

As part of the Languages Program at Presentation College Windsor, biennial Study Tours include Italy and Japan.



There are over 200 Presentation Sisters in India. Since their arrival in 1842, they have established numerous schools, hospitals and services for the underprivileged. Presentation College Windsor and the Presentation Sisters in India work together in providing the opportunity of a Social Justice/Cultural Tour of India. It is open to Students in Years 11 and 12.

India Trip


This Educational Tour of Vietnam has been specifically designed for Years 9 and 10 Students at Presentation College Windsor.

The inherent educational value of the trip lies in Students gaining an understanding of the social and cultural milieu of Vietnam. Thus, a significant component of the Itinerary is concerned with the recent turbulent History of this ancient culture, together with the resulting rapid social change that Vietnam is undergoing.

Vietnam Trip


A combined Study Trip with Presentation College Windsor and CBC St Kilda is available to Years 10 and 11 Students studying Italian or any Visual Arts Elective. It is a 21 day Tour, usually departing in late November.

Italy Trip


Presentation College Windsor offers a biennial trip to Japan. The three week tour heads off in late November.

Japan Trip