Daily Homeroom enables teachers and students to develop positive relationships within the class. This system supports the Senior School model we have established for students in Years 10–12, and allows for the building of relationships and new friendships in Years 7–9. The dedicated teachers who nurture their Homerooms contribute to a genuine sense of community and student connectedness, which, in turn, enables rigorous Learning and Teaching.

Years 7–9

  • Years 7–9 are in Year Level groups. This is so that the special Transition needs associated with Year 7 and with the Year 9 Program, can be addressed.
  • Each Year Level has a Year Level Coordinator.
  • Year 7 and 8 YLC rotates so that students have the same YLC for two years.
  • Year 9 YLC remains the same because of the Year 9 Program.

 Years 10–12

  • Combined Homerooms for Years 10, 11 and 12
  • Groups divided into four Houses
  • Same Homeroom Teacher for three years
  • Same Head of House for three years

 The Benefits

  • Families get to know the Homeroom Teacher very well
  • More continuity and consistency for improved Student Wellbeing
  • Greater mentoring between students
  • Genuine Senior School atmosphere created
  • Fewer year-to-year transition issues
  • Teachers have a “big picture” approach to what’s happening in the College
  • More Student Leadership opportunities