Presentation College Windsor has a legacy of Educational Excellence. We have earned a reputation for achieving the best outcome for each individual student. SIF data indicates that the College is one of the State’s most highly rated due to our strong Parental support, outstanding Contemporary Curriculum, and highly Collaborative relationships with Teachers and the Community.

Presentation College Windsor provides an affordable and quality education in the tradition of the Presentation Sisters. In order to maintain standards of excellence, the College must raise revenue in the form of fees and charges to supplement Government grants. The Government stipulates that the College cannot rely solely on Government funds for its financial survival, but must generate its own private income to meet fiscal needs.


Fee Policy

Guide Lines for Implementation pf PCW Fee Policy

Student Financial Assistance Policy

2018 Tuition Fees

Year Level

Tuition Fee

Building levy*

Total Fees


$8,600 - including Yr 7 Camp























*A Compulsory Building Levy of $600 per family.

The Building Levy goes toward the maintenance, refurbishment and addition of College buildings and assets, the enhancement of the grounds and the payment of loans.

Not included in the Tuition Fees are Optional Programs:

  • Instrumental Music Lessons
  • Music Festival and Drama Performance Tickets
  • International Study Tours—Italy/France, Japan, India, Vietnam
  • VET (Vocational Education and Training)

Terms of Payment

Presentation College Windsor offers Options for the payment of Fees:

Payment in Full by Monday 18th December 2017 (for 2018)

If you choose to pay Fees in full by the above date, a $380 discount will apply. Where an advanced fee has been or is payable, the discount will be $290.

Payment in Full by Friday 16th February 2018

If you choose to pay Fees in full by the above date, a $290 discount will apply. Where an advanced fee has been or is payable, the discount will be $230.

Payments by Direct Debit

A Direct Debit from your chosen Bank Account or Credit Card can be arranged to debit your chosen Account weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

2018 Direct Debit request form

Payment Methods for Non-Direct Debit

A variety of payment methods are accepted:

  • Cash
  • Cheque or Money Order
  • Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)
  • BPAY (Please see your statement for Biller Code and Reference Number.)

Refund Policy—Notice of Withdrawal

When withdrawing your daughter from the College, written notice must be given to the Principal one full Term in advance. Subsequently, Fees for one full Term will be charged after notification—ie one quarter of the Annual Tuition and Composite Fees.

Healthcare Card Holders

If you hold a current Healthcare Card you may be eligible for a $225 payment from the Victorian Government as part of the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund. Simply complete the Application Form.

Application Form

Application Fee

The Application Fee is payable when an Enrolment Application is submitted to the College.

The Application Fee (including GST): $150

Registration Fee

The Registration Fee is payable when an Offer is made; it is non-refundable.

The Registration Fee: $500

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Lessons are offered in 2018 for those students interested in furthering their musical development.

Music fees are payable by Credit Card only.


Any concerns or queries about payment of Fees and Charges may be discussed in confidence with the Accounts Department or the Business Manager.