The International Student Program at Presentation College Windsor
augments our existing diverse community and makes a significant
cultural contribution to the life of our school.

Students who come to study with us can expect a high degree of individual support, in and outside the classroom. There is a dedicated team looking after the welfare and learning needs of our International Students.

Enrolments are available for Years 7–12.

International students will receive subject selection and careers advice in a 1:1 program, ensuring each student has opportunities to experience success and find her pathway beyond school. Our twenty-three year partnership with CBC St Kilda provides Senior Students with a range of future pathways, including a full suite of VCE and VET subjects, and a highly innovative VCAL program.

Presentation College Windsor partners with Hawthorn Language Centre (Melbourne University), where students are able to develop academic language proficiency prior to entry. The High School Preparation Program offered at HLC is a specialised program for International Students who wish to study in Australia.

Student Reflections:

“The teachers I met at Presentation College Windsor are all friendly and patient. When I have trouble understanding schoolwork, they will sacrifice their lunchtime to assist me. Yet school life is not always about study, I met some of my lifelong friends during my time in school; we learn together and support each other. By being friends with my classmates, I had the chance to understand the Australian culture and have all kinds of different experiences that I didn't have in China.”

 “Three years’ learning experience at Presentation College Windsor has been a wonderful time in my life. What I have gained from school is more than just academic knowledge and skill. More importantly, I have learnt the spirit to inspire me through my life.”

 “I really enjoy life at Presentation College Windsor and I am looking forward to school every day. Presentation College Windsor is a magical place. I want to stay here for the rest of my life.”

 “I was offered flexibility with my subject choices, extra assistance with language and classes. The extra help with English was also beneficial.

 “I feel part of the school. I was even elected International Student Leader by my peers. I am happy at Presentation College Windsor and feel that it is a positive and supportive school, where I have made friends for life. “



Presentation College Windsor is renowned for its multi-cultural, ethnically and socially diverse community. In the globally connected world of our young people, interaction with students from other countries is an accurate and powerful reflection of the century into which they have been born and that they will dominate as a generation. There is an inherent educative dimension in broadening our enrolment to include international students.


For further information contact:

The College Registrar
Phone +613 8517 2704
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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