The Writer in Residence program welcomes many outstanding and well known authors through our gates. In 2017, we hosted Australian authors, Alice Pung and Cath Crowley. 

Writers spend time with our students engaging in practical workshops. For students this is a special experience and gives them the opportunity to explore new avenues of literature, allowing them to expand their creative horizons in their own writing. Through this stimulating and inspiring experience, students are encouraged to enjoy writing, to gain confidence, to take risks, and have fun experimenting.


Student writing from the workshop:

The shimmering lights shine above. Not lit by lanterns, nor matches, but stars. Shining so strongly that, when combined with the moon, spreads a soft white light across the solemn dirty ground. The far-away wonders beaming down hope to us in the trenches. Us… dirty, flea-ridden, scared for our lives, as we wait in agony for a gunshot, that will evolve into two, that will start the whole fight up again. All of us thought this had stopped, that the world had reached an eternal peace after the First World War. But we were wrong. Now, as we sleep uncomfortably on the hard, packed dirt, our dreams are filled with images of our wives, mothers, sons, daughters, praying for us back in America. Eleanor Rowland, Year 


Student Reflections

“We learnt so many techniques to to get our ideas flowing, and strategies to improve our writing. All who participated in the workshop are so grateful for being given the opportunity to spend the day learning from Alice.”

Isabella Penzi, Year 12 


“Cath took us through some writing exercises, which we will definitely use to make our writing more interesting. She was great to speak with and genuinely interested in our ideas.

Cath is a fantastic author and we learned so much from her visit.”

Taliah Mullane, Year 9


‘’It was a really great learning experience and I feel that both my reading and writing have been significantly improved.”

Ella Brinksma, Year 9