The four Houses were formed in 1940 by Principal, Mother Bertrand Rahilly. Mother Bertrand was a modern woman of her time, keen in the Presentation tradition, to ensure that girls were given every opportunity, as boys were. She believed in the health benefits of sport and encouraged students to become more active. Mother Bertrand would have been gratified by the tone set at Presentation College Windsor by devoted staff to ensure that excellence is strived for and achieved across all areas of school life.

Today, the House System is inextricably linked to student wellbeing and creates some healthy competitive spirit along the way. As well as a homeroom, every student is placed into a house, helping to consolidate relationships and further strengthen the sense of belonging, as well as creating opportunities to establish new friendships.  In nurturing and caring for their students, committed Heads of House, in conjunction with dedicated homeroom teachers, create another safety net to ensure student wellbeing.

Girls still compete within their respective Houses in various events, including cultural and sporting events. Music Festival engenders rigorous competition, as do the Athletics and Swimming Carnivals. Mother Bertrand assigned colours and named each house after remarkable people who made significant religious and social contributions throughout their lives.


Kostka—after Stanislaus Kostka,
a renowned Jesuit who died young and came to symbolise youth

Loyola—after St Ignatius Loyola,
founder of the Jesuits

Nagle—after Nano (Honora) Nagle,
founder of the Presentation Sisters

Xavier—after St Francis Xavier,
a Jesuit missionary and patron Saint of Australia