Students are best cared for when there is a strong collaboration between School and Home. The Presentation College Windsor Parent Association works hard to encourage parents to become involved in their daughters’ school lives and the life of the College Community. Parents are invited to be part of the Association, come along to monthly meetings and be involved in activities. Meetings are advertised in The Lantern and dates are also available on the School Calendar.

The Parent Association (PA) meets once a month. The Principal and other members of the Leadership Team, as well as Heads of Faculty will regularly address these meetings. This unique interaction of Parents with Leadership and Staff is a great opportunity to hear about developments at the College, and enables Parents to provide timely and direct feedback.

These meetings also enable the PA to plan and coordinate Fundraisers to support the College Community, and organise social activities which encourage interaction and friendship. Some of these events include the Year 7 First Day Welcome Morning Tea, the Art Show extravaganza, the Year 12 Breakfast and Christmas Carols.

Each year a Committee is elected. It is made up of the roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Year Level Representatives. These people liaise closely with the Principal’s Personal Assistant in organising Community Activities.

Our PA Year Level Representatives are a key link between School and Parents. They advise parents from their Year Level of upcoming events, along with any additional Year Level Activities such as Coffee Mornings, as they arise. These events provide excellent opportunities to get together and make connections with other parents from your Daughter’s Year Level.

2019 Meetings - all meetings will commence at 7pm

Tuesday 18 June

Tuesday 23 July

Tuesday 20 August

Tuesday 29 October

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