At Presentation College Windsor, embedding assessment into Learning and Teaching is an essential part of our Contemporary Curriculum. As always, our students are paramount in this process. Students work with their teachers to reflect on their achievements and set personalised learning goals for their future. 

Regular Online Feedback

Students are able to view their progress on the College Portal in every subject as each Learning Outcome is completed. The feedback provided includes student achievements, as well as recommendations for improvement. This live Portal access ensures that information is current and assists students and parents in monitoring progress. Teachers, students and parents work in partnership to produce improved student performance and achievement.

Online Reports

End of Semester Student Reports are electronically published online via the College Portal. This contemporary system enables instant access at any time. A Grade Point Average (GPA) is also calculated for each student, giving an overall figure for achievements. The GPA scores are used to award the highly desired Academic Excellence Awards. Interim Reports are issued in the middle of Semesters 1 and 2.

Progress Interviews

Progress Interviews involving students, parents and teachers are conducted in Terms 1 and 3. Teachers provide valuable feedback on student performance in Learning Outcomes, and suggest ways in which Learning can be improved.