Aspiring Authors, Playwrights, Sportswomen, Chess Masters, Orators, Engineers, Environmentalists, Change Agents and Social Entrepreneurs…Do you seek Excellence, Creativity and Commitment? Then Welcome to Presentation College Windsor!

At Presentation College Windsor, our Co-curricular Program complements and extends classroom learning. It encourages excellence by assisting students to extend their interests beyond the classroom. The Program offers multiple and diverse opportunities for enrichment, allowing students to discover and enhance their talents and skills. There is something for everyone.

The extensive Co-curricular Program is supported by passionate teachers, eager to develop their students’ abilities. Our girls benefit from encouragement and support, as well as from the Community Partnerships that naturally evolve from participation in these activities. Some of our Partnerships include: the University of Melbourne, Swinburne University, Monash University, IMVC, Stonnington Council and Stonnington Youth Supported Services, DAV (Debating Association of Victoria), the City of Port Phillip Eco Centre, Sacred Heart Mission and the SCSA.