The Physical Education and Health Faculty is committed to providing students with the knowledge and skills to live an active and healthy life, now and into the future. Our innovative and dynamic teachers are skilled at differentiating Curriculum for the needs of each individual within their classes.

To encourage maximum participation, our skilled, specialist staff offers a wide range of sports:  aquatics, striking, invasion, strength, field and court sports. Through participation and skill development, the girls are challenged to reach their personal best.  We motivate students to discover their personal strengths and Leadership potential, and promote the importance of cooperation and collaboration for team success. Our SCSA triumphs are testament to our students’ confidence, skill and enjoyment.

Our curriculum incorporates the use of contemporary technologies: iPads, GPS tracking and Heart Rate monitors, which allow students to analyse their performance and fitness, and appreciate the necessity of a physically active lifestyle.

Physical Education is compulsory from Years 7 to 10.  Sport Science is an elective available in Year 10; Physical Education Units 1–4 are offered in VCE.

Alert to innovation within Social, Mental, Physical and Intellectual Health, our qualified teachers continually highlight opportunities for students to excel and pursue potential new career paths.