The Humanities Faculty is dedicated to engaging students in a range of academically rigorous subjects, to inspire lifelong education and global citizenship.

In a stimulating, supportive environment, highly skilled teachers encourage and challenge students to achieve their potential. Enrichment programs such as our Model United Nations promote student engagement in community and global issues.

Compulsory at Years 7 and 8, Humanities provides a stimulating introduction to History, Geography, Economics and Civics & Citizenship, generating a curiosity and understanding of the world in which we live.

From Year 9, students choose their own path in Humanities. Whilst our core subjects at Years 9 and 10 set up a critical understanding of 19th–20th century History and Australia’s context at this time, our Electives develop students’ interests and core skills as we examine aspects of contemporary life.

Responding to students’ diverse abilities, interests and aspirations beyond school, we are very proud of the range of VCE Humanities subjects we offer.

Our expert teachers are committed to creating vibrant learning communities of questioning and engaged students, competent and empowered to contribute positively to their communities.