At Presentation College Windsor, all levels of Mathematics study are taught by a highly experienced and dedicated team of educators. In our work with students, we cater for the differing needs of individuals by providing an engaging and tailored Mathematics Curriculum that offers opportunities for both success and challenge.

To fulfil these goals we believe it is essential that we know our students well and offer them a welcoming, positive experience in all our Mathematics classes. There we strengthen their confidence, encouraging them to extend their abilities and embrace challenges at every opportunity.

Alert to the increasingly diverse and innovative workplaces our students will inhabit, the Mathematics and Science Faculties have created STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), a Year 9 Elective subject. Designed to attract and engage students keen to further develop their investigative, reasoning and problem-solving skills, this initiative has elicited enthusiastic participation.

All students are also encouraged to participate in the Maths Challenge for Young Australians as part of the development of their critical thinking skills.