The Religious Education (RE) Program at Presentation College Windsor celebrates our proudly multi-faith and multi-cultural community.

Our students study RE from Year 7 through to Year 12, with VCE Study options available to Senior Students. Our committed team of RE Teachers utilise the recently revised To Know, Worship and Love framework to explore five learning areas: Scripture and Jesus; God, Religion and Life; Church and Community; Morality and Justice; Prayer, Liturgy and Sacraments.

Our Presentation Tradition challenges us to authentically live out the Gospel values of hospitality and welcome, dignity and respect, compassion, understanding and love. In pursuit of this goal, we endeavour to create in our RE classes a safe and open place for discussion and debate, in addition to providing comfort and care.

In this supportive Catholic setting, students are challenged to engage in courses of study which are inclusive and questioning. Course Outcomes: ‘Reasoning and Responding’, and ‘Personal and Communal Engagement’, form the basis for Assessment in the subject.

These classroom studies are supported by Liturgical Celebrations, annual Retreat Days, and consideration and commitment to issues of Justice, locally and internationally.