We are passionate about delivering a Curriculum that is dynamic, challenging and accessible. Highly qualified teachers, drawing from their experience and special interests, collaborate to actively engage students in lessons which include “hands-on” activities and real-life scenarios. Year 8 students, for example, find Science is relevant and enjoyable, as they solder electronic projects in order to understand circuits. Differentiation in delivery of the Curriculum enables all students to experience success.

Alert to current debates and discoveries in the scientific field, we generate excitement in the potential of cutting edge Science, such as the use of DNA analysis equipment or coding, in order to design objects for the 3D printer.

To inspire students to pursue their interest in Science, our program called Expanding Horizons, enables students to work with experts in various Science-related fields. These enhancement activities include: Robogals Robotics, at the University of Melbourne, Engineers Without Borders Humanitarian Conference at Engineers Australia and the Engineers @ Work Program. Keen and talented students also participate in the Science and Engineering Challenge, held at Victoria University.

At Year 10, in addition to compulsory Science, we offer two Electives which allow students to trial all of our VCE Sciences: Biology, Psychology, Physics and Chemistry, prior to VCE.