Travel and the experience of different cultures help us to grow in understanding, empathy, tolerance and wisdom. 


Italy and Japan Study Tours

Presentation College Windsor offers two study tours to complement language and arts subjects.  These tours are run biennially, providing our students the opportunity to develop a greater appreciation of the language and culture they are studying.  Students participate in home-stays with families at local schools so they can fully immerse themselves and experience daily life in each of these countries.


India Social Justice Experience

Students in Years 11 and 12 have the opportunity to travel to India as part of PCW’s Social Justice Program.  Our students are members of a global community and it is through opening our eyes and reaching out to others, whether different, disadvantaged or privileged, that we learn, develop and grow.

There are over 200 Presentation Sisters in India and they have established numerous schools, hospitals and services for the underprivileged since their arrival there in 1842.  PCW has a long-standing relationship with a Presentation school in Theni and this biennial trip allows our students and staff to work with the Sisters in their efforts to provide educational opportunities to the poor in their community.

 Italy Trip