At Presentation College Windsor committed coaches offer students extensive opportunities to participate in Sport. We encourage participation in physical activity to give our young people opportunities for self-confidence, achievement and social interaction, as well as for learning the spirit of fair play. Involvement in properly guided physical activity and sports can also foster the adoption of other healthy behaviours. In addition to the Physical Education Curriculum, students can choose to be involved in a great range of activities.

Secondary Catholic Sports Association—SCSA

The SCSA is a sporting body that promotes and provides carnivals for secondary students to compete in within a Catholic environment. Each participant has a fair and equal opportunity to advance to her highest level, develop team spirit and achieve individual excellence.

Presently the SCSA competition is used as our main ‘elite’ competition, and is carried out on a round-robin tournament basis during the school day.

Students at Presentation College Windsor have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports across the year.

House Sport

Students from Years 7 to 12 participate in the Annual House Swimming and Athletics Sports. These events are a great way to extend friendship groups across age and year levels. Within these carnivals there are competitive and novelty events in which all students participate.

Lunchtime Activities

Presentation College Windsor students are also encouraged to participate in a variety of Lunchtime Sport Sessions. These activities are open to Years 7 to 12, regardless of skill levels. Enthusiastic and expert Physical Education staff members are present to assist students in learning new skills, gaining self-confidence and having good, healthy fun.


Windsor Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank are proud sponsors of the PCW Interschool Sports Uniforms.