Presentation College Windsor is actively participating in the Secondary Catholic Schools Association (SCSA) across a wide range of sports and divisions.


House Swimming

1st Kostka

2nd Loyola

3rd Nagle

4th Xavier

Spirit award: Nagle


House Athletics

1st Nagle

2nd Loyola 

3rd Kostka

4th Xavier

Spirit Award: Loyola


Term 1

SCSA Swimming

Overall - 2nd

Junior Team - 3rd 

Intermediate Team - 3rd

Senior Team - 1st


SCSA Indoor Cricket

Junior Team - 4th 

Intermediate Team - 1st

Senior Team - 3rd


Term 2

SCSA Basketball

Junior Team - 3rd 

Intermediate Team - 2nd 

Senior Team - 2nd


SCSA Hockey

Junior Team - 2nd

Senior Team - 3rd


Term 3


Junior Team - 6th

Senior Team - 1st


SCSA Aerobics

Team 1 - 3rd

Team 2 - 8th

Team 3 - 6th

Team 4 - 6th


SCSA Volleyball

Junior A Team - 2nd 

Junior B Team - 2nd 

Junior C Team - 2nd  

Intermediate A Team - 6th

Intermediate B Team - 6th 

Senior A Team - 2nd

Senior B Team - 1st


Rugby 7's State Championship

U14 team runner's up



Junior – 5th



Overall - 6th

Junior – 5th

Intermediate – 6th

Senior – 6th



Junior A – 4th

Junior B – 5th

Junior C – 6th

Intermediate A – 3rd

Intermediate B – 6th

Senior A – 6th

Senior B – 5th