Such is the popularity of the Music Festival that it is held at Hamer Hall at the Arts Centre. Students enjoy the experience immensely and the quality of the lighting and acoustics is world class.

An annual event, Presentation College Windsor Music Festival is a highlight of our school year. Students from Years 7 to 12 take part in a range of musical performances including dance/variety, choir and instrumental. Our senior Music Captains work with the College  staff to train the girls and develop their performance to a professional standard.




In many respects, the Music Festival is a perfect introduction to all the elements of live performance. Whether involved in choreography, make up, set design, costume or musical arrangement, Presentation College Windsor girls are given the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills in both music and theatre.

The Music Festival is open to all students and is a great opportunity to participate whether it is on stage or behind the scenes. The students and their families all enjoy the fun, energy and camaraderie.