Daily Homeroom enables teachers and students to develop positive relationships within the class. The dedicated teachers who nurture their Homerooms contribute to a genuine sense of community and student connectedness, which, in turn, enables rigorous Learning and Teaching.

The House system at PCW is extremely strong, and the Year 10 – 12 vertical system has been instrumental in achieving that strength. In order to build on this strength, from 2018 we will be expanding the House based homeroom system so that girls in Years 7 – 12 share homeroom time together. This will strongly develop House spirit across the entire school. This is already a key feature of PCW life and this will allow all girls the chance to access it fully.

We believe the start of the day is an essential time for connection to the school, in terms of organisation and relationship building. In this new vertical system, all students will have the opportunity to build relationships with girls of all year levels. This will provide the older girls with opportunities to act as role models, mentors and leaders for the younger girls. The younger girls will receive the benefit of the care and experience of the older girls, and have the chance to discuss and share ideas with them.

In the Combined Homerooms for Years 7 – 12 there will be:

  • Groups divided into four Houses
  • Same Homeroom Teacher for three years
  • Same Head of House for three years

The Benefits:

  • Families get to know the Homeroom Teacher very well
  • More continuity and consistency for improved Student Wellbeing
  • Greater mentoring between students
  • Fewer year-to-year transition issues
  • Teachers have a “big picture” approach to what’s happening in the College
  • More Student Leadership opportunities