Presentation College Windsor is a diverse Learning Community, comprising students of different faiths, cultural backgrounds, abilities and talents. We welcome, value and are enriched by this diversity. We are committed to educating our students for six years, and to creating the opportunity for each one to be a successful, engaged and purposeful learner.

The Learning Diversity Department works closely with the Wellbeing Team, teachers and parents. It is through our combined care, skill and commitment, that we strive to make learning meaningful and purposeful for all.

Dedicated staff members in the Learning Diversity Department recognise that all young people face challenges. However, they recognise, too, that there are students whose learning profiles, intellectual, physical and/or socio/emotional circumstances mean that adjustments may need to be made to enable them to reach their potential.

Our highly skilled teachers are committed to enhancing the learning of such students. This is done through the provision of one-on-one and small-group learning, Personalised Learning Plans, Learning Profiles, consultation with teachers and Individual Learning Programs.