The Wellbeing of students is at the heart of everything we do at Presentation College Windsor. It refers to action taken within our school by its Leaders and community members to promote and enhance student wellbeing of a personal, social, physical, emotional, or spiritual nature. Key elements of Student Wellbeing are positive self-esteem, respect for others, positive relationships, responsible behaviours and personal resilience.

Student Wellbeing is provided by a partnership of staff, parents and students. This underpins the academic, emotional and spiritual dimensions of the entire College Community. The Positive Education Program is carefully designed to nurture and support the individual, encouraging difference, with faith in oneself as well as others.

The Positive Education Program is based on the Positive Psychology Movement, founded by Dr Martin Seligman (University of Pennsylvania). It encourages students to learn more about themselves, including being realistically optimistic for the future. They develop strategies, skills and mindsets to deal with life’s inevitable problems.

The Homeroom is the basis of the Wellbeing Program. Homeroom Teachers play a key role in ensuring that the needs of students in their care are addressed. The focus of the Program is to: develop a sense of connectedness in each student; develop the capacity to relate effectively with others; foster leadership qualities; foster a sense of justice—local and global.

Positive relationships based on the core value of respect for self and others underpin our Programs. As a result, our students are happy, feel safe and are confident to challenge themselves to engage with every aspect of their learning.